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Episode 103: Dune

Summary The BTS team discusses the filmmaking behind the film’s immersive power, how it deftly handles mountains of exposition, and the stellar performances by all the actors. Sponsor 🚀 Sign up for MASV today using https://massive.io/beyond-the-screenplay and get…


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About the show

Beyond the Screenplay is a podcast from the team behind the popular YouTube channel Lessons from the Screenplay.

In each episode, Michael Tucker and the BTS team do deeper dives into the storytelling of individual movies and chat with the creatives behind those films.

We nerd out about unconventional (or perfectly conventional) story structure, gush about amazing performances (how is Meryl Streep great in everything?!), and commiserate about how we all cried at that one moment with Bing Bong in Inside Out. But mostly, we enthusiastically extract and dissect as many great things about each movie as possible.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Balanced like a fine wine.

I listen to lots of film podcast and this one is a beautiful kaleidoscopic of movie nerds. They are all very well spoken and know how to argue constructively. One overlooked thing about podcasts is the listenability. When you have a show that includes multiple people speaking, it can be hard to keep up with the conversation because you were not physically in the room. With these guys though, they have an amazing cadence with each other. There is balance that goes through every episode. The convo doesn’t get stale, no small points are getting beat like a dead horse. It feels almost rehearsed, in a good way. Plus they have great mics so it’s very easy to listen to back to back episodes on a road trip. Thank you BTS

— Me3567;, 09/02/2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Insight into more than just “I liked it”

This podcast provides so much more than just a cursory appraisal of film/movies. Besides having a very diverse group of experience, the episodes have a lot of thought provoking dialogue that is sorely lacking from others of its ilk. Not a simple review but more of an in depth discussion of how and why what is presented on screen. As a companion to the YouTube channel, it’s great, but LFtS stands on its own as well.

— Akivaran, 01/30/2021

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